What Kind of First Impression Do You Want To Make?

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Congratulations, you have a great product or product line and you are ready to launch your online sales business! Let me ask you one thing before you take that leap. What do your marketing materials and your product packaging say about your business?

First impressions do matter and when your business is online, your promotional materials, product inserts, user manuals, installation instructions and more say everything! You cannot rely on your well-groomed appearance or firm handshake when you have an eCommerce company. That means right from the start your customer needs to be impressed! Are you shipping your product in a cellophane bag, plain white box or other bland packaging that lacks design or company branding? Do you have a well-written user manual and instruction booklet? If you think these things don’t matter, think again. Many great products fall short because customers became frustrated and angry with the lack of instructions or struggle to understand the ones they do get. It gets worse, most give up and that leads to costly product returns and horrible reviews.

Remember it is best to have happy customers because angry customers can sway hundreds of potential customers away from your product. With social media, the voice of just one angry customer can tarnish your business fast.

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If you are selling electronics or tech gadgets it is essential to have clear and complete manuals and instructions. If the buyer cannot figure out how to program or set up their new product, you are going to be dealing with a huge headache. Do you really want to lose your new customer, end up with a bunch of returned products and poor reviews? Of course you don’t so get the help you need to create user manuals and instructions that are clear, correct and easy to follow. If English is not your first language, you will most likely really need help in this area.

I cannot begin to tell you how many thousands of products I have come across that have incorrect information on the package, come with user manuals that make no sense and are full of grammar and spelling errors. This all leads to huge buyer remorse and that in turn leads to unsatisfied customers who can spread the word quickly to stay away from your products and your company.

How can Reviews 4 Success help? We can create user manuals, instructions and promotional materials that make sense, includes all relevant information with correct spelling and grammar. We can consult with you on market trends when designing packaging, picking color schemes and much more. We can assist you in writing dynamic product descriptions, engaging website copy or help create social media pages and accounts for your company.

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Don’t leave something as important as this to chance. Contact us today to find out how we can help you make a great first impression!