Unethical Reviewers Getting Rich Scamming Amazon Sellers!

woman laughing amazon

Amazon Sellers if you don’t mind being scammed, then you won’t want to read this. If you do mind your work, money and time being wasted, then you need to read this. If you are using review groups and services that do not screen their reviewers or fail to follow up to make sure all reviews are posted according to Amazon TOS , are well written and contain original photos, you probably have made some reviewers very rich.

Many groups give out codes and never even check to make sure the reviewer is legit. Then they learn the reviewers they gave your codes to have had their accounts closed and have still been opting in for new codes. What is worse, the admins gave them new codes because they had no clue their account was shut down. Now you have reviewers who cannot even write a review with your codes. How does this happen? Well, the admins are not checking, many are just inexperienced and more interested in free products and know nothing about business. They find out much too late these reviewer’s accounts are closed. That’s bad, but not nearly as bad as what I have to tell you.

The review service you are paying is probably not requiring photos and if they are many unethical reviewers use other people’s photos and never open your product. They then head over to eBay where they put your product up for sale at full price. So that free iPhone case they got with your code is fetching prices of $34 plus shipping for them. Many have entire stores on eBay and have been playing this game for months and years.

Unless you like supporting others who are not helping you in any way, you better do some investigating and see how much that review group is really costing you.

Check out some of the screen shots below of just a few of the many eBay sellers who are laughing all the way to the bank with your free product codes! Check out how many times they change their user id. Sick isn’t it.

Click on the photos to see them full size.

change of seller id

ebay unethical sellers

rainy day discounts

This seller tmzdeals below is doing great in sales-all those are sold and they have page after page of your sold products.

sold listings

ebay unethical sellers 2

What can you do? Make sure the review service you use has you as their top priority. You need a service to watch your back. At Reviews 4 Success our top priority is You-The Seller. We will make sure your codes go to screened reviewers not scammers. We also check and recheck all the time, to make sure the reviews are done by the reviewers with at least 75 original, well written words, full disclosure, original photos, products must be opened and used and more to protect you!

What good is it to get reviews that get deleted by Amazon? Take this as a wake up call that not all review services are equal and many will be like nails in a coffin to your business. Educate yourself and choose wisely!