How To Create A Facebook Fan Page-Step By Step

If you have a business, blog or other outlet and you want to create a Facebook Fan Page but don’t know where to start, we can help. First you might wonder why you need one. Facebook Fan pages allow you to promote things such as sales, giveaways, new posts on a blog and more. If […]

How To Avoid The Biggest Mistakes FBA Amazon Sellers Make

We embrace the entrepreneurial spirit of Amazon FBA Sellers. It takes a rare breed to face uncertainty when embarking on a new business and launching a new product. Will you be successful? Is this the right move? Did you pick the right product? With so much that is unknown, it is truly a “face your […]

Relying Only On Amazon Reviews to Market Your Product is Risky Business!

Stop Thinking Small   When it comes to marketing, most Amazon Sellers think small.  They concentrate all of their marketing on getting as many product reviews as they can for their products. To do that, they promote their products using review services or trying to find reviewers themselves and offering them discount or free product […]

What Kind of First Impression Do You Want To Make?

Congratulations, you have a great product or product line and you are ready to launch your online sales business! Let me ask you one thing before you take that leap. What do your marketing materials and your product packaging say about your business? First impressions do matter and when your business is online, your promotional […]

Unethical Reviewers Getting Rich Scamming Amazon Sellers!

Amazon Sellers if you don’t mind being scammed, then you won’t want to read this. If you do mind your work, money and time being wasted, then you need to read this. If you are using review groups and services that do not screen their reviewers or fail to follow up to make sure all reviews […]

Amazon Sellers: How Much Are Those Reviews Really Costing You?

We all know that quality product reviews are necessary for Amazon Sellers. We have heard much over the last few months and years about very unethical practices that were used to get them. Amazon has been cracking down and removing those reviews, suspending seller’s accounts and being more diligent about checking the product reviews. There […]