How To Create A Facebook Fan Page-Step By Step

If you have a business, blog or other outlet and you want to create a Facebook Fan Page but don’t know where to start, we can help.

First you might wonder why you need one. Facebook Fan pages allow you to promote things such as sales, giveaways, new posts on a blog and more. If you want to review products via social media and have not started a blog yet, a Facebook page can be a great way to promote those reviews.

First thing is to have your name. If you already have your business or blog it is easy, just use that name. If you do not have anything and are just starting, think of a name.

Once you have your name, you might want to check on domains for that name. The reason we are saying this is because you may be thinking small now and just want the Facebook page. However, if you decide to start a business or blog later and want a domain with that name, you may be very disappointed to find it is not available.

If you do find an available domain for your name, it is not a bad idea to purchase it. There are great deals on GoDaddy etc where you can get a domain name for under $2.

Next go to Facebook. Click “HOME” on the top of your page. On the side You will see pages and then on the bottom something that says “create a page” and you click that.


After that you will be directed to a page where you pick a category for your blog. For bloggers and reviewers you should choose the Artist, Band or Public Figure. If you have a cause choose Cause or Community and so on. Just pick the best category for your page. Then you can choose a sub-category and add your page name.


Next it will take you to where you can enter your “About” information. Let everyone know what your page is about. You can also skip things here but the more details you have, the more people will find your page.


Now, you need to add a profile photo. I am also going to cover the cover photo here too. To add photos, you can use your own photos but if you don’t have any that will work, you can try free photo sites like These are royalty free and can be used without any attribution. Type a word or two into the search bar and search for images. When you find one you like click on it and then save in your files.


You can then upload the images to Facebook to customize your page. If you want to add elements to your cover photo you can use It is free to use many of the elements there. Just upload your image and customize.

To add a title you can choose an overlay or just add text directly. Many of the features are available for free. Anything with a special icon is only available if you have a subscription. The free features will still allow you to do many things.


You can change colors, sizes and more to really make it your own.





When you are happy, save it to your computer and then upload to your page.



Add your page to your favorites so you can find it easily.


You can customize who the ideal audience for your page is. Do not limit your audience too much.


At this point you are ready to go, you can learn more about promotion and adding buttons etc. but the basic page is done.


So what are you waiting for? Write your first post. Good luck guys, any questions you can ask them in the comments.