How To Avoid The Biggest Mistakes FBA Amazon Sellers Make

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We embrace the entrepreneurial spirit of Amazon FBA Sellers. It takes a rare breed to face uncertainty when embarking on a new business and launching a new product. Will you be successful? Is this the right move? Did you pick the right product? With so much that is unknown, it is truly a “face your fear and do it anyway” kind of thing. There are ways that you can stack the deck in your favor and we are going to tell you How to Avoid the Biggest Mistakes New Amazon Sellers Make.

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Don’t Choose a Product That is a Top Seller:

Don’t go after a product because it is selling well or popular on Amazon. What do we mean? Don’t go after those products that seem to be popping up all over just with different name or color or slight variation. Why would you not want to hop on that bandwagon that you feel is heading straight for the gold mine?

First off, by the time you get your product to Amazon, the market is going to be even more saturated and all these sellers are going to be lowering prices to try and compete. So now you have a product that is all over the place, and worse you need to price your item so low to even see one sale.  You will be breaking even if you are lucky but most likely you will be losing money. Stop trying to jump into the top 100 products on Amazon. You are setting yourself up for failure before you even start.

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Don’t Guess When It Comes to Your Target Market:

If you are an international seller who wants to sell products in the United States, you need help with understanding the American market. We cannot tell you how many international sellers pick products based on what they think Americans want or need.

For instance, based on what we see it seems international sellers must think that Americans want to dress their dogs up in costumes on a daily basis, have a huge snoring problem and all suffer from plantar fasciitis. Seriously, you have to stop guessing, just because you know Americans love their pets and pet products are a huge business, not every pet product is a winner. I mean we are not all storming the internet to find that Captain America costume for our poodle.

Don’t Skimp On Inventory:

Go big or go home, when you have done your homework, consulted with professionals and have that great product, make sure you purchase enough inventory. If you go small and do not purchase enough inventory you are going to regret it. You will need inventory for marketing and you need to take that into consideration. If you don’t and your product starts taking off, you will run out of inventory and lose your momentum before you can restock.

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Delegate Tasks So You Can Work On What Matters Most:

Stop wasting time trying to give people promo codes yourself. Do you know that time is limited and every minute you spend trying to find reviewers to review your product, handing out promo codes, collecting order numbers and then following up with them to see if they posted the review is time that is lost. That time is better spent working on your business, building your brand, checking your inventory and sales, researching new products etc.

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What is the answer? Delegate that task to a professional promotion business. Make sure to choose a professional group, not one run by some random people on Facebook who just decided they wanted free codes for friends. You get what you pay for and what is that “free” Facebook group really going to end up costing you? Who are their reviewers? Are they ethical, are you going to have your seller account suspended dealing with them? Do your homework and deal with professionals. The money you spend for product promotion with a reputable business is well worth the time it frees up for you to work on the things you cannot delegate.


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Think Bigger:

You need to diversify; Amazon reviews are great but you need to think bigger. YouTube video reviews are powerful as are blog reviews, social media promotion and customer testimonials on your website and social media accounts.

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Don’t Underestimate the Importance of a Brand Website & Social Media Accounts:

Do you have a website and social media accounts for your brand? You need to! Social media sites that are well managed will drive sales to your website or product, provide a place for customers to come together and post testimonials or questions. If you provide effective and timely support to your customers, you will have repeat customers that recommend your business.

Nothing is more damaging than a frustrated customer posting negative comments about your product and customer service on social media. Responding to issues in a polite and effective way can diffuse a tense situation and give you the opportunity to turn a dissatisfied customer into a satisfied customer. If you do not have time to do this yourself then hire a community manager for your brand. Again go to a professional service and understand that having well monitored social media sites with consistent content about your brand, new products, sales and more being posted along with customer interaction will take your business farther than you can imagine. It will set you apart from the pack. It matters, so don’t overlook it!

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Top Mistakes to Avoid:

  • Look further than the top selling products.
  • Work with a consultant that knows the American Market if you are an International Seller
  • Purchase Enough Inventory
  • Stay Away from Facebook Groups Offering “Free” Promotion of Your Product
  • Spend Your Time Wisely, Delegate Tasks to Professionals
  • Think Bigger Than Just Amazon Reviews
  • Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Social Media


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