Amazon Sellers: How Much Are Those Reviews Really Costing You?

amazon prime sellers

We all know that quality product reviews are necessary for Amazon Sellers. We have heard much over the last few months and years about very unethical practices that were used to get them. Amazon has been cracking down and removing those reviews, suspending seller’s accounts and being more diligent about checking the product reviews. There are still many review groups out there, many continue to operate in a way that will bite the seller in the…well, Wallet!

These groups and services are accepting any Amazon reviewer, most do not even check the new reviewers Amazon profiles. Because there is no screening process, they literally have hundreds of bad apple reviewers in their groups. These unethical reviewers copy other Amazon reviews and use them as their own, they do not really use or test the product but get the products to sell, others never end up posting a review at all. All of this hurts the seller. Any review from these reviewers will be deleted by Amazon.

Another downfall is that many of these groups have a revolving door on their admins. With so much drama and admins coming and going it is no wonder there are leaks of codes, poor reporting, very low percentage of codes issued to completed reviews and more. The worst is that they often don’t even realize people with suspended accounts on Amazon who cannot review are requesting and being given product codes. In most review groups you will find posting saying how they have reviewers doing this and warning others not to do it. Is that what they should be doing? Shouldn’t they know and check the reviewers in their groups? They are the ones being paid, they should be protecting the seller. Instead they are doing the seller a huge disservice.

no sale

The totally unethical reviewers that leave generic reviews, if they leave a review at all, leave them with no photos and then sell the product on Amazon and eBay are the worst. What a slap in the face to sellers. What can be done? Many go on the groups ranting that they better not find any reviewers doing this etc. After the fact is too late!!! They will not shut them down and there are literally hundreds to thousands making a very good living not reviewing products but selling them. The way to stop this is before it starts. If reviewers were screened and if they were held to high standards it would not happen.

What I mean is, if every potential reviewer was made to sign a contract and then have their profile on Amazon checked before even being accepted that is the first step. After that it must be required that all products must have original photos in the reviews and that all products must be shown open especially supplements and creams. The reviews must always be checked and anyone not following protocol must be terminated at once. If more groups protected sellers like this, you would see more ethical reviews and sellers would not be having reviews for their products deleted. Better still they would not have to feel sick seeing unethical reviewers profiting on eBay with their products. Sellers have even said some reviewers listed the product they got for free with the promo code for sale under the seller’s Amazon listing. How brazen and bold is that?

money down drain

So sellers if you want to have less stress, shouldn’t you do a little research on the review services you join. If you are looking for a professional services that protects you as their client, Reviews 4 Success is there! We screen our review panel so you know they are following Amazon TOS, they are writing a minimum of 75 well written, original words with full disclosure on your product, they also include original photos, video too can be provided, all with seller feedback. Are you getting that now? What are you really paying for? What is the real cost?